Thursday, August 25


Just a quick update of my progress on all the f'ing writing I've been doing as of late.

Californio: The Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta. 3rd draft completed by my co-writer and I as of last week. Being read by our actress friend and waiting for feedback so we can get it into tip top shape before she sends it off to Gregory Nava and any other industry folks we can think of.

Bow & Arrow now retitled Beyond the Mat (by the director). Finished the 4th draft a few days ago and has been sent out to readers for feedback. Director says its 90% there. Work for hire is interesting that way.

Los Coyotes. Action/Drama set against the backdrop of illegal human trafficking. Is there any other kind? Currently in its 3rd draft as of March 2005, being read by my co-writer/roommate/all around bad ass, Nick. Thinking about reworking it together for instant strength/cred as writing partners.

The Sleeper. Comic book. Issue one has been completed and will undergo a rewrite over the next few days. Issues 2 and 3 are in the outline phase and the whole thing will span about 5 issues. Futuristic, sci-fi adventure with a Bruce Campbell flava'. Co written by Joy Buzzards friend and myself. Could be a potential comic book, feature film, video game kinda thing.

Possibly writing another comic book with another fellow I met at the comic con this year. He's close to signing with AP comics. We'll see how this progresses.

Linda Quan. Two feature screenplays based on this character. She's a bad ass. Like a female James Bond, only cooler. A third script idea is bouncing around in my head. Picture someone like Kelly Hu playing Jason Bourne, without the whole messed up memory thing. This is my Hong Kong version of the dollars trilogy.

Starting research (albeit slowly) for my next script. It's gonna be huge.

Somewhere in there is the still the possibility of the Taiwan project. Hong Kong director/producer is still talking to his people about getting the film off the ground. He's also trying to get one of our older projects off the ground - it needs a MAJOR rewrite.

Did I mention I also write DVD reviews for an online website?


The Awful Writer said...

Wow. Sounds like you have a lot cool stuff going on. Good luck with them.

American Knight said...

Thanks. I just try and keep on keepin' on... or something like that.

Bill Cunningham said...

Erik, not meaning to be the wet blanket here, but there's already a comic called SLEEPER...

American Knight said...

My bad, but the title is actually When The Sleeper Wakes, based on the H.G. Wells story.