Thursday, September 25


Been away from the blog, but then I've never been a very good blogger. It's not my thing really but keeping a presence on the interwebs seems a bit mandatory these days,e specially in the writing game - establish a presence, get yourself known, get the work done and then hopefully spin that all into a dedicated following. Sounds easy enough.

The past few months have seen me trudging through the 50 mph hours gusts that are my graphic novel. Finally finished a fairly solid draft of the last half of the book. Editors are happy with the first 60 pages and are going to publish it in two chunks. It's done, it's finally done and I can finally move onto something else. I love the work I've done on it, very dark, atmospheric sci-fi, brooding horror it's kicked my ass in more ways than one. But it's done and I'm a better writer for it. David's art kicks major ass.

Coyotes is in development/pre-pre-production. I never thought finding a director interested in such a project would take so long. But the producers have a good handle on how they want to handle it all and are making excellent strides towards nailing someone down. But of course that could all change in a day, a week or a month.

My next comic book project (The 7th Wonder) is coming along nicely as I've finally finished the treatment which I'm in the process of polishing. I'm also rewriting the first issue and getting a workable pitch ready to take out soon.

Now I have time to sit down and tackle this new feature idea that my manager is really into, so am I. A good follow up to Los Coyotes and much more lighthearted (but with the same action/drama tinge).

Been reading tons of stuff as research; including loads of scripts, books and comics. Duane Swierczynski's Iron Fist one shot is an excellent read. And it would make an excellent series or mini. Iron Fist as a tough guy detective type in 1920'2/30's LA. I'd read that. Hell, I'd write it if I could.