Monday, October 29

Out of Sight

Watching Clooney and Lopez do their thing. Damn fine film, better than the book. Really. Scott frank needs to do more of that writing thing he does so well.

My comic book stories are being postponed until Popgun Vol. 2 which should hit right before Comic Con. I suppose that's just how things go.

I finally finished my latest draft (page one rewrite, reinvention, whatever) of Los Coyotes, my human trafficking script a few days ago. Hurray!! It came out to 176 pages Frakkk! Polishing before handing it off to my manager will commence soon.

Still, no time to recoop as I'm in the midst of polishing up the Bhangra script I wrote earlier this year, which will then be followed by a quick polish of the action comedy I co-wrote. This is all happening concurrently as I'm in the midst of paid rewrite work on a variety show pilot, coupled with dreaming up a commercial story/pitch for my management as they're hoping to target the Latino market for some big fast food type companies. Not to mention circling two other potential writing gigs.

Somewhere in there I need to find time for a life.

Tuesday, October 2

The Nicholl's Fellowship

My some time co-writer, friend and roommate Nick made it to the top ten in the Nicholl's Screenwriting Fellowship this year, he finds out if he made the cut soon. Well deserved. This bodes well for his work and our script together (Californio) which we optioned earlier this year.

But it also made me realize that I no longer qualify to enter, as half of my income this year has been from screenwriting/producing. Still, I'm not about to run out and purchase a new house or car but it has, for all and intents and purposes, disqualified me from entering. That's kind of frakking cool.

Yes, I said frak.

Lots more to come.


Life and it's unexplainable curve ball struck me this weekend. Highly unexpected but pleasant. There's a bit of a motivational factor that kicks into high gear for me when things like this happen, people have a way of inspiring me which they'd never expect. Considering the current situation with my writing of Coyotes (kicking my ass in at least 7 different ways) it's a case of right place right time, no matter how fleeting.

Things are getting better.

Monday, October 1

My Bio for Popgun

Fascinated with storytelling since the day his brother handed him a comic book 20 years ago, Erik Martinez is a writer who splits his time between roaming the gritty streets of Los Angeles and the open country of Bakersfield, California. He’s an Aries and a ginormous fan of Kelly Clarkson (seriously).