Tuesday, August 15

The onslaught

In brief...

Beyond the Mat. Received its first bit of financing. Sweet. More to come soon. Starting the 14th draft and getting paid to do, it even better.

American Bhangra. Starting a new project revolving around bhangra music and dance set in college, with a colorful cast of characters. Getting paid to write it. Indie rates aren't too shabby.

We Can Be Heroes. Terence Chang has come aboard to produce. Progress is being made, financing coming together, cast being sought. Pay day looming. Awesome.

When the Sleeper Wakes. Issues 3-5 being outlined. On the search for an artist. Sam Raimi's company interested in seeing the book once it's been completed. Cool.

Los Coyotes. Five actors/actresses attached. Management team is going after a lead and a director. Pitching starts very soon.

Future projects with Beyond the Mat producers being discussed with me as a writer and possibly even coming on in a producer capacity.

I'm off...