Sunday, September 23

Popgun: Vol. 1

My two stories, "Everybody's Hero" and "When Solomon Wakes" will be featured in this anthology from Image Comics, which you can purchase here.

You can learn more about it here.

Tuesday, September 4

It's about friggin' time

It's been a while, so I figure I'm overdue for an update.

After a rather hellacious summer health wise, I'm happy to report that I'm doing much better both physically (and "emotionally"). There are still a few bumps I have to get over but good friends and family come through in spades when things seem a bit overwhelming.

Anyhow, on to the good stuff. I'm officially a represented writer as I signed with Treasure Entertainment for management very recently, who I'm also developing my "Coyotes" (human trafficking) project with for production. The plan is to take my existing thesis screenplay and revamp it considerably as we have interested producers and companies waiting for me to deliver.

"Beyond the Mat" is gearing up to film at the end of the year. We're still trying to line up investors and plan on working towards this end so we can get things moving. Reception of the screenplay and trailer has gone considerably well since Tribeca, which has opened some new doors. We're currently pursuing the Latino version in hopes of securing financing for the film.

Back in June one of my co-writers (Nick Sherman) and I optioned the rights to our script "Californio: The Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta" to an independent producer for 6 months, which we wrote while at Chapman. The producer is working diligently to get investors and other talent aboard the project.

The month of July was taken over by my work on the remake of a popular Chinese Martial Arts film which is being directed by Kirk Wong (who I have worked with off and on for the last 5 years). I completed a semi-translation, rewrite and polish in one month (!) and if all goes well I'll even get a writing credit on the film.

Just prior to that I finished a rewrite on a script called "The Decoys" which is essentially Harold and Kumar meets Spies Like Us with fellow Chapman alum William David Lee. A number of actors are interested in reading the script once my partners and I have a draft ready to go out.

This November will see two of my stories being published in Image Comics' "Popgun: Vol 1" anthology; it's been a long time coming but the date is almost hear.


The next two months you'll find me working on my "Coyotes" screenplay and developing my next comic book project, "The 7th Wonder", which I hope to get published next year. I'll also be finishing up rewrite work on the Bhangra/Indian Dance film I have been working on for some time now.

Other than that I'm just doing my best trying to get by in the City of Angels. Some days are better than others but the drive and passion for my work, my family and friends easily keep me going.