Wednesday, May 31

One step closer

PRELIMINARY investment trailer of "Beyond the Mat".

Tuesday, May 23

Highly Recommended Viewing

Kingdom of Heaven: The Director's Cut
From my review...The misfire that was the theatrical cut of “Kingdom of Heaven” has been meticulously corrected and refined here to create a more complete and rousing epic film. Scott has created an inspiring work of allegory; one of his best films to date, which is now smarter, richer, and bigger.

Wednesday, May 3

Still no word

Haven't heard anything from the producer interested in Los Coyotes, which means we're hitting up a few other interested production companies.

Financing for Beyond the Mat is taking its sweet ass time, but it seems we will have the first 1/4 of the budget sometime this summer.

Californio has hit an impasse, so Nick and I are going on the hunt to attach a producer. With the release of Brad Pitt's Jesse James movie later this year and Ed Norton coming out with a modern day western (Down in the Valley), plus the success of Deadwood - the genre seems to be on a slow up swing. Now, if we can beat the other Murrieta project out of the gates there just might be hope. So if any of ya'll no anyone who might be interested in producing a Mexican-American Braveheart in the old west, shoot me a line.

In the mean time enjoy some reviews:

Bee Season
Tristan & Isolde

The Family Stone

American Dad: Vol. One