Thursday, October 19

Realidad o Sueno

There should a little squiggly line (like this ~) over n in "Sueno." The word translates to "dream," with the former being reality. My life seems to be existing in a convergence of the two, most of it good. Great even. I'm feeling rather blase about it all, to be honest. My career is progressing very nicely. It's slow going, sure, but I can't really complain. Hard work is starting to pay off across the board. Hell, I even have my first IMDB credit for a film that probably won't see the light of day any time soon - damn that development hell.

Beyond the Mat is rolling forward; full blown pre-production looms on the horizon as I finished the 17th(!) draft a few weeks ago. Financing is falling into place finally, 6 months later than we we're hoping for but the production is looking good. A start date is being planned for Jan./Feb. at this point.

The Indian film I've been working on, co-writing with my collaborator on Californio, is moving along at a snail's pace. The treatment should be done this month and the first draft of the script should be completed no later than 4 weeks after that.

"We Can Be Heroes" is inching closer as well, tentatively slated to film next Summer. My work on that script has actually scored me the opportunity to do a rewrite on a Hong Kong Martial Arts film, which will be filmed in Chinese and English, right after Chinese New Year. Some sites have announced it as a rumor, but it should go through pending actor contracts and the like.

Am I thoroughly excited and elated by all this writing work? Well, yeah. Does it feel real? No, not really. I actually feel kind of underwhelmed by it all. Slightly jaded attitude aside, I just want to see these things happen. Like any writer who puts an enormous amount of time and effort into his endeavors, I want results.

The comic book is stagnant right now. My co-writer is overwhelmed with projects, as am I, but it'll get done.

Plus, if things keep on track, next year I'll be producing a film that my friend Ingrid wrote.

In due time, I know.