Thursday, March 6

Day One

"Beyond the Mat" (the high school wrestling drama I was hired to write many moons ago) finally goes into production today. I'm not on set as my damn day job and a couple of job interviews are getting in the way. I should be there on the weekend though. Am I excited? I don't know. I think once I see some dailies, some of the actors performing lines I know by heart, then my little corazon is going to be kicking up a beat. It's a down and dirty ultra low budget kind of thing but damn if it hasn't been a long time coming.

I signed a deal last week for my own 120 page graphic novel that I'll be writing with the wonderful art talents of David Murdoch. It's an exciting little project that is yet another dream come true. There seems to be a weird push-pull of emotion going on right now as on one end I'm broke as hell but on the other I'm seeing all sorts of success with this whole writing thing. I'm certain the former will change soon enough.

To say the least, it's a whirlwind. Hard work is finally starting to pay off, other opportunities are falling into my lap - lots and lots going on. My head is spinning, but in a good way.

And I turn 30 in 16 f'ing days.

...I feel infinite.