Wednesday, March 22

In addition to my illustrious up and coming career as a scribe for the screen I have been known to dabble in the occasional movie/DVD review department. Five years off and on as a freelance critic/columnist for the Bakersfield Californian and now, nearly ten years after I started with them, I have spent nearly a year with Free DVDs for a consistent thousand word plus write up, yeah it was hard for me to say yes to this one.

And for the heck of it some of my reviews.

A History of Violence

Smallville: Season Four


High Tension

Veronica Mars: Season One

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

Thursday, March 16

In the mean time

My good friend Ingrid and I went to the Creative Screenwriting screening of "Brick," which was a pretty good overall, considering it was the writer/director's first film. It took a while for me to become invested in the film, especially during the first act, but after that I was hooked into the world - which was great, clever fun. It had moments of greatness and moments of not-so-greatness, but all in all I was pleased. The first time I heard anything about the film was a few months ago at the first screenwriting gathering, with Fun Joel, Warren and Bill over at DISContent.

Heading to Wizard World Los Angeles this Saturday with my hermano, should be a fun time.

Writing is what it is at the moment. Still working on the Coyotes treatment. Working on a revision and the third act now. I'll hopefully have something finished early next week. Once that's in the bag, I'll be pitching shortly after.

Working on issue 2 of WTSW with Mark Smith. Taking a little longer than I wanted but, a combination of things (having a tooth pulled and a little bit of slacking) have put me behind. I'm aiming to have something to shoot back over to Mark by next week.

Off I go.

Friday, March 3

There goes crazy


I'm knee deep in writing, finishing up my new Coyotes treatment and pitching it to a producer in less than two weeks.

The 11th Draft of Beyond the Mat is done; heading up to Bakersfield for the state wrestling tournament for research/promotion/investors, etc.

Still no word on Californio.

Blood Bond is now being looked at over at Touchstone.

WTSW (comic) is being chipped away at, plus a marvelous opportunity might present itself if the planets align themselves just right.

I'm off to go bang my head against a wall.