Wednesday, March 22

In addition to my illustrious up and coming career as a scribe for the screen I have been known to dabble in the occasional movie/DVD review department. Five years off and on as a freelance critic/columnist for the Bakersfield Californian and now, nearly ten years after I started with them, I have spent nearly a year with Free DVDs for a consistent thousand word plus write up, yeah it was hard for me to say yes to this one.

And for the heck of it some of my reviews.

A History of Violence

Smallville: Season Four


High Tension

Veronica Mars: Season One

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie


Anonymous said...

A History Of Violence let me down a bit, did not seem Oscar caliber to me...

American Knight said...

I've heard that reaction from a few people. Guess it can't please everbody.