Monday, October 29

Out of Sight

Watching Clooney and Lopez do their thing. Damn fine film, better than the book. Really. Scott frank needs to do more of that writing thing he does so well.

My comic book stories are being postponed until Popgun Vol. 2 which should hit right before Comic Con. I suppose that's just how things go.

I finally finished my latest draft (page one rewrite, reinvention, whatever) of Los Coyotes, my human trafficking script a few days ago. Hurray!! It came out to 176 pages Frakkk! Polishing before handing it off to my manager will commence soon.

Still, no time to recoop as I'm in the midst of polishing up the Bhangra script I wrote earlier this year, which will then be followed by a quick polish of the action comedy I co-wrote. This is all happening concurrently as I'm in the midst of paid rewrite work on a variety show pilot, coupled with dreaming up a commercial story/pitch for my management as they're hoping to target the Latino market for some big fast food type companies. Not to mention circling two other potential writing gigs.

Somewhere in there I need to find time for a life.


Anonymous said...

I re-read Out Of Sight all the time as a warmup, inspiration etc... brilliant writing

Erik M. said...

Scott Frank is awesome. I've taken to reading Kiss Kiss Bang Bang alot lately.