Wednesday, August 10

And so it goes...

Getting comfortable with the new apartment/area is taking some time but I think I'm adjusting nicely. My two roommates are great guys and very good friends (one is my co-writer). But I'm easing into rewrites on Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta which has since been retitled Californio. My co-writer and I are a little over 50 pages in and will most likely have a new finished draft by early next week. After that we'll send it out to folks and get some more feedback for the next draft. Once things are in a place we're both comfortable with it, it's on to getting it to Gregory Nava and a few other interested parties. To say the least, the rewrite is going well. I'd almost forgotten how much I really enjoy writing with my co-writer. We're contemplating starting a treatment for a new project, with various possibilities as far as what that project will be.

Bow & Arrow, according to the director, is about 80% where it needs to be (as far as he is concerned). With the exception of dialogue (my weak point) he feels this next draft will get us right where he wants the script to be as far as story and structure is concerned. I grow fonder of this project the more I work on it, the characters are loosely based on people I grew up with and I find myself pouring a bit of my own memories of high school into the mix. It's been good fun and will most likely be my first feature film to go into production. Damn, that's pretty "fracking" cool!

Not sure about the status of Taiwan but past projects with H.K. director are seemingly getting a second wind of life. I'm tempted to give him my Coyotes script and seeing if he might like to direct it, considering it's very much in tune with the tone of one of the other projects.

I got some reviews to write. Peace.


The Moviequill said...

wow, you have a lot to juggle on your plate...I am having trouble doing two projects (re-write of current and research on the next)

John Donald Carlucci said...

Gratz on the new place - I know moving can really throw off the writing.


American Knight said...

Yeah there's a lot on the plate but as I'm sure both of ya'll know (and do yourselves) I loves me some writing. Keeps me going.

And yeah moving can throw things off a bit but I'm starting to get into the swing of things again.