Wednesday, August 3

Human Traffic

Coyotes: Term used to describe the people who illegally traffic immigrants across the U.S. and Mexico Border.

My "thesis" screenplay down at Chapman University was about this very subject. It's an action/drama that followed a style more akin to John Woo's Bullet in The Head than Soderbergh's Traffic and in retrospect I think it needs to be an equal balance of the two. The script follows the story of Jesse Cerda, a young man who goes to Mexico to reunite with his sister, who has been putting him through school, only to discover that she is the head of a human trafficking operation involving immigrants from as far away as Hong Kong.

My co-writer, who didn't work on this project, will possibly be doing a rewrite, along with myself. The director of the film he is currently editing is looking for a potential new project to direct, seeing as he might be able to get a considerable amount of funding from a producer he regularly plays tennis with (who has a deal to develop Mexican-American themed projects, which seem to be growing in popularity -- FINALLY!). I proposed rewriting this script to my co-writer and he seems enthused about the prospect of doing so. It gives us a quick one two punch with our western in tow and sets us up as a writing team (which we really want to do).

Still have yet to start our rewrite on Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta, which is still progressing along nicely in the actress's hands. She's sending it out soon to some folks for feedback and the possibility of gaining some interest in the project.

Both comic book projects are still in the works.

Third draft of the independent feature (Bow & Arrow) has been completed and making it's way to various investors.


Anonymous said...

with all this illegal immigration paranoia since 9/11, changing of border policies etc, I think that is a great idea to resurrect that script..go for it

American Knight said...

I've also considered turning the film into a comic book as well. I am most certainly moving forward with it in one form or another.

Kid Sis said...

Pretty cool topic. Just saw a really bad Dead Zone on it.

I totally vote for a comic book!

American Knight said...

Cool! I'll have to start work on it again very soon then.