Wednesday, August 17


From Steven T. Seagle's "It's a Bird"

"One thing writers have in common is the need to procrastinate. People don't understand this, but it's NOT avoiding work, it IS work. Going to lunch, cleaning the house, walking around eavesdropping, reading... all of it informs the process of pulling a story out of nowhere. After you've burned through the two or three tales that are born into your brain you have to siphon the rest from your environment. So, when I need something for my stories -- I open my eyes and ears to the world around me -- because I never know where the next idea, or scene, or line of dialogue is going to come from."

Now, back to writing.

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Anonymous said...

good point...just because I don't have a pen in my mouth or flying fingers on the keyboard doesn't mean I am not writing

a little bird lands on the window sill and sees a man in deep thought staring out the window...the bird flies off...the bird comes back six hours later and the man is in the same position not having moved all day. "hey, what are you doing?" asks the bird...the man turns to the bird, "I'm writing"