Thursday, September 1


For the last few weeks I have been vying for an internship that, quite frankly, would have kicked ass to have. Yesterday, I received my rejection letter in the mail. At least they had the courtesy to inform me about it. Most of the people who were applying for it where at least 5 years younger than me but I'd like to think my qualifications were/are exceptional. Ah well, there shall be others. But I would have kicked ass at this one.

I've been spending the last few days working on comic book scripts. I rewrote issue one of my collaboration (When the Sleeper Wakes) with Mark Smith. I have four scripts to read for my work with the other guy, Matt, and need to get back to him asap. I'm also kicking around the idea of turning one of my screenplays into a comic book. Decisions, decisions.

Californio (western) has garnered some very positive feedback from a professional reader, which is making us all the more excited about the project.

The director of Beyond the Mat (wrestling), the movie I'm getting paid (gasp) to write has just found us a producer, who's credits primarily include reality TV shows. The guy has read a lot of scripts and immediately wanted to make himself apart of ours after reading it.

More later.

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