Thursday, September 22


Apparently the meeting at Hyde Park went well. I say apparently because I wasn't there and HK director met with co-writer no. 2 to discuss this all with him. Co-writer no. 2 informed me that Hyde Park wants to make "Blood Bond"now but it still has ties over at Fortune Star Entertainment. I'm not quite sure about the logistics of how that all works. But of course, they want us to fix it before they move on anything or make any kind of commitment. Co-writer no. 2 and HK director will be overseeing the rewrite based on the reworked treatment the director and I came up with almost a year ago. I'll be doing a polish as co-writer no. 2 gets pages done. I suspect that we will be spending about a week on or so on it and then pass it along to Hyde Park for the next step.

There was one meeting at Nu Image/millennium films that we pitched nearly two years ago that went very well. We optioned that sucker (for a very small amount) but nothing ever came of it (a sci-fi Matrix-esque idea called "Quantum Ascension").

I don't want to get my hopes up. It's just the way of things. I've had other meetings before with other scripts that never quite went anywhere. My confidence in such things is waning.


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