Tuesday, October 25

Ticking Clocks

I recently completed yet another pass of Beyond the Mat and discovered the producers and director are trying raise a budget of around one million dollars. This bodes well for me if it goes through seeing as I get roughly around 2 percent of the budget plus a possible bonus and back end deal still to be negotiated. But overall I feel like I'm being kept in the dark about things but I guess that the nature of the beast. I'm excited about the project and I honestly feel like it will be a good solid film.

I also just emailed the latest draft of Blood Bond to the director. That was Sunday, I still haven't heard anything from him about it. I'm sure it will be a few more days before I hear anything at all. It'd be nice if Hyde Park/Fox gave a big thumbs up to the project. One less thing.

The uncertainty over all these things is becoming a bit of a strain. I know one of them will hit, get made, if not both. I just hate being in a powerless position. Hopefully this will change somewhat when one or both get made.

Californio is still lingering in various people's hands, waiting to be passed along and read, etc. Anyone know of any Latino producers/filmmaker interested in a Mexican-American Braveheart - western?

The repetitive nature of my writing here is becoming somewhat tiresome. I want to try to open things up a bit more and write about more things pertaining to my writing, my life, etc. We'll see how that goes.


Kid Sis said...

Urgh, I hate waiting. It all sounds promising for you, though!

American Knight said...

It's all very promising. I've been pretty busy with all of it the last few weeks. Hope everything is alright with you.