Tuesday, October 4

Not So Random

Everything is going well. Writing has been consistent and good. Blood Bond is moving along nicely, we'll have a draft done in the next week or so and have that off to Hyde Park soon. Wish I could say more but that's pretty much where it's at. Writing the film has been quite the process for myself and my co-writer (RS), he's one of the most intellegent people I know and has come a long way as a storyteller. He's been a mentor and friend and deserves for this to happen. He got me excited about working in the Vampire genre and giving it our own unique twist. Hopefully my treatment, his changes, our polish will be enough. We shall see.

Californio, there's lots to say. But I'll hold back for now and say that we've got some very promising progress being made. It's being hand delivered to an important person this weekend. It's got me terribly excited. I'm down right giddy (it's not the only reason, more on that below) The 4th draft is being polished up after Nick and I rewrote it over the weekend. It keeps getting better. I love this story. I hope you all will, too.

Beyond the Mat is slowly progressing. I'll be statrting on the 6th draft of that in the coming weeks. There are mainly financing hurdles right now. I think if the director focused more of his energy into making it happen it would. 'Nuff said.

Reviews are going well. Free DVDs are nice.

Tutoring (i.e. the day job) is picking up and I like MOST of my kids.

My family is doing well. (i.e my parents, older brother and sister, their families)

I'm giddy for another reason. A real reason. Or at least the possibility of it. One that I'm not terrified of. One that I'm looking forward to. One that makes me smile. And it's all very unexpected. I like that about life.

I've got a lot to be happy about right now. Right now. I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can. I like to think I've earned it.

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Fun Joel said...

Hey man. Been a little while since I've caught up on my blog reading. If you want to compare thoughts on the vamp genre (with my Vamp Western going on) let me know! Good luck!