Saturday, October 29


Last night Jen and I went to see Capote, which wasn't as engaging of a film as I wanted it to be. Performances were awesome all around, especially Hoffman in the titular role. I was particularly enthralled by Clifton Collins Jr in his roles as Perry Smith.

We also went to see a print of Dracula which was a truly awesome experience. We saw it at the Echo Park Film Center. I want to get involved with this place. They work to empower people, especially young adults and children, with the knowledge of using film and new media to help give them a voice. I like that.


writebrother said...

The Echo Park Film Center is a real cool little spot. I put on a screening there a couple years back for a community group I worked with and it went great.

Good luck with Beyond The Mat. 2% of a million is something I'd love right about now.

Fun Joel said...

You know you just wanted to use the word titular. Just cause it sounds funny. Admit it! (oops, by saying those words together, it sounds funny too: admitit.) Heh heh. Sorry, just channeling my inner Beavis.