Wednesday, July 27


Things have been a bit jumbled as of late, with the move to L.A. on the horizon (this Sunday). Life at the old apartment is sparse, seeing as my roommate has already taken up habitation of the new condo (he's got work that requires him to be in L.A.). Wrapping up my life in Orange County has been rather drab and boring to say the least. All that's really left outside of moving is returning a cable box and making sure mail will be forwarded come August.

In writing news, I'm about finished with the third draft of Bow & Arrow. The story is coming along nicely, but I still feel the dialogue and characters lack a needed spark, which I'm hoping to solve in the coming weeks. Re-writing on The Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta will most likely begin right after the move; the ball is still in play on that one, moving along slowly but surely. I'll be making a call later today to a writer/editor I met at Comic Con about working on a potential comic book with him (he's signing a deal with APC comics soon, I believe). Hopefully that will go well.

House warming party in a few weeks. Looking for work after I'm settled. All in all, life is good. As my friend Walker would say, "I'm livin' the dream."

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Warren said...

Hey, just discovered you site. Good for you for making the move to LA. I'm of the opinion that you really need to do it as soon as you can write a solid spec script.

Kudos to you, and good luck with the move.