Monday, July 18


Back from Comic Con, which was a great and overall exhausting experience. This was my sixth year in a row and every year it gets crazier in terms of the sheer amount of people in attendance and things to see and do. Whew.

I ran into an old friend from undergrad while there and talked shop. We just caught up some and exchanged contact info. Cool guy. I really just used the time to get away for a mini vacation of sorts now that I have to deal with the realities of moving (having a bad back doesn't help - damn you high school football). Did a little netwokring and spoke to my friend who writes The Amazing Joy Buzzards about our collaboration together, which we're looking to get off the ground very soon here. I also met another writer who has a deal with APC comics. He's got a few books in development and is looking for a writer (or two) to work on some of the other books he is developing with various artists... so that seems promising (especially considering a few of his ideas have interest from Sam Raimi).

More to come.

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