Monday, July 4

Once again...

First draft of Bow & Arrow has been completed. It came out to about 95 pages in Final Draft 7, which is about 15 pages shorter than I had originally anticipated but a good length, overall, for a first time film. I'm emailing it to the director tonight, who is showing it to a potential investor this week. If all goes well - the man said "bonus." I cross my fingers. I feel good about the first draft as a whole. It needs work, of course. But I think it's a great jumping off point. Now, to set it aside for a a few days.

I've been contemplating turning one of my screenplays into a comic book. A friend is the writer an co-creator of The Amazing Joybuzzards, which has been published via Image comics. Both of my scripts are action oriented akin to Queen and Country. Both scripts could use a polish but I think are ripe for exploring. Decisions to be made.

In other news, my co-writer got our script to an upcoming actress who, after having read only the first 40 pages of the script, seemed to love what we were going for and wanted to set up a meeting this week.



Kid Sis said...

Sounds great! Congrats!

BTW, looove Queen and Country.

American Knight said...

Thanks, I'm really hoping things work out for this film. The director is pretty adamant about the budget he is raising and I think the Vietnamese-American angle will help to set it apart. How's your writing going?