Tuesday, July 12

Dejame Entrar (Let me in)

I've been MIA the last couple of days, mainly taking a few days off and prepping for my move to Los Angeles. My current roommate (and awesome co-writer) found a pretty sweet spot in the Los Feliz (Fe-leez) area of L.A. It's an exciting time to say the least. The actress/producer interested in our Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta script lives nearby, which bodes well for quick meetings with other creative folk she might want to introduce us to. This has put a few things at a reasonable pause. The landlord is giving us what amounts to half a month to move and not have to pay rent until the start of August. Awesome. We're still trying to set up a meeting with another producer/actor who is an important person in the Mexican-American filmmaking community. Plus our actress friend wants to get it to what you'd consider the "it" producer of Mexican-American films. As always, we shall see...

Bow & Arrow is going quite well. The director gave me some really good notes yesterday and I will start my revisions probably as soon as I finish this post. He seems excited about the script and has already sent it off to our first potential investor. He wants a finished revisions by Thursday, which I think is doable.

Comic Books. My buddy Mark Smith, who writes The Amazing Joy Buzzards published by Image Comics wants to discuss a writing opportunity that we've both been rallying around off and on for the last few months. It's a cool little sci-fi/action story with Army of Darkness style characters (i.e. Ash). He wants to meet and discuss it more at the Con this weekend and hopefully we can get this project off the ground. Writing comics = one dream come true.

More to come.


John Donald Carlucci said...

I love Los Feliz. There are some great places to eat their and check out The Attic bookstore (pet the kitty).


American Knight said...

It seems like a great place so far. I'll be moving over the course of the next few weeks. I'll be sure to check out the Attic.

John Donald Carlucci said...

Good luck at the con and with your new project. Keep all of the irons in the fire.