Thursday, March 25

It's been far too long

Here's to a hundred more posts to come...

My oh my what a year it's been. So much has happened in the months since my last post that I wonder how I'm still even here. To sumarize I've experience some tragedy in the form of a murdered niece (yes you read that right) and my grandfather's passing, heart-break in the realization that my father's stroke has left him far from the man he use to be; my sister has gone through a divorce, my youngest nephew has lashed out in anger as a response and for that he must now live with my parents indefinetly, my older nephew continues to exhibit more and more tendencies towards living a "thug life" than I could ever be comfortable with, and I am ever burdened by the (untrue) thoughts that this could have all been avoided in some way had I stayed in Bakersfield and not moved away for school and life.

I'm coming to terms with it, all of it, slowly. The biggest struggle comes with the day to day of it, then trying to see the bigger picture. Plus it doesn't help that it's in my nature to soak it all in and ruminate on it for a while. Not healthy at all. Yes, there has been much to cry about, but there has also been much to celebrate, as well.

Beyond the Mat, has recieved a giant push, which started with an article that came out of AFM. We just had a rough cut test screening which went quite well. To say the least, everyone involved is super excited.

My now former manager is making a big effort to sell my script Destination Wedding, a romantic comedy I wrote, to the hallmark channel, which would be a nice boon for me. We have a director verbally attached to Los Coyotes and are waiting for him to wrap up work on a film so we can move forward. Kirk and I completed multiple drafts of a martial arts/sci-fi script we're hoping to get off the ground this year. A very talented actor just passed on the project which would have essentially gotten it made.

I'm still struggling to get my artist to finish our graphic novel, trying to find an artist for 7th Wonder, and starting work on a new feature.

I've made some great new friends these last few months as well, reconnected with some old ones and even lost a few along the way.

Hell, I even fell in love, which has been an amazing experience and truly gratifying part of my life. I never thought I could feel this way about another person. I finally understand what all the hype is about.

All of this has happened in what feels like no time at all. Life has a funny way of doing that, of moving you from point to point in what feels like record time - a blink of an eye and a year goes by.

It's been a very tough road, yet I still try and accomplish the goals which I set for myself some time ago - to be a better friend, a better son, brother and uncle, a better writer, a better human being. Everyday I inch closer and closer, but the hardest part is all the damn waiting.

Maybe its about time I take control.

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