Thursday, April 30

It's been a while...

So I figured I'd give all three of my readers an update. Things have been picking in terms of the projects I have out in the world, though I am still SLOWLY developing the treatment/outline for my new feature project. The script/pitch for my enw comic project is ready to go, now I just need a frakking artist.

But things are good, damn good actually, for various reasons. Here' some:

1. A director is interested in my human trafficking script, he's repped by Gersh, very enthusiastic, he's one of their up and coming clients, hitting the ground running on a polish of the script soon, then sending out to ANY talent we want (which includes Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Eva Mendes, and tons of other people). Putting the positive vibes out in the world...

2. Kirk, the Chinese director I sometimes write for, called me two weeks ago to tell me that he has verbally secured financing for our first official film together, contracts are being drawn up and worked on, when all goes well (and it will) my next film will be fully funded and in pre-production by fall!

Again, let's put those positive vibes out there, this close to having one of my dreams come true here people.

3. Comic book stuff coming along slowly but nicely, may get a job as an assistant editor on an upcoming anthology, unpaid but sure to open a lot of doors. The 7th Wonder needs an artist then should be ready to go, Dave is cracking away at Solomon Wakes, and we'll hopefully have the book out by the end of the year!

4. My manager is pitching a variety show, which, if it goes through, they want me as a head writer for. Interesting...

5. Near Fall (aka Beyond the Mat) is being edited, the last cut I saw was pretty close to being finished (editing wise). The producer and director are looking for finishing funds to get it all wrapped up. In all honesty, the film looks good, we cut out a lot of unnecessary, self-hating commentary from the main character's arc, makes him more likable to be honest - and I never wanted that stuff in there in the first place. But so it goes... should be out by the end of the year.

6. New girlfriend thinks I could turn Coyotes into a young adult novel, it's a possibility, though I've never really thought about writing novels before. It piques my interest greatly. She's a librarian, she knows these things - she's awesome that way.

Live the dream.

And the adventure continues...


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