Monday, April 14

That's a Wrap!

Beyond the Mat finished principal photography last night, and the occasion was both exhilarating and bitter sweet. Everyone on set busted their asses to get this puppy off the ground and there was nothing but great enthusiasm for what we have been collectively striving for over the last 6 weeks. While I was on set yesterday I even got to write a fill in scene that we shot at the end of the night. it's turned out to be one of my favorite scenes of the film. I LOVE this job.

And now the "easy" part is done.

The producers are flying out next week to Tribeca to present a trailer at the film festival for panel of executives, distributors and other industry types. We're hoping to make a little headway in terms of getting this thing out to an audience that doesn't consist of only our friends and family.

And shooting on the RED is amazing.

It's getting better every day...

More as things come.


Kid Sis said...

Congrats! And how was turning 30? Any meltdowns?

Erik M. said...

Thanks! Now it's into the dreaded post-production process... Turning 30 was great, so far I'm enjoying the ride :-)

Anonymous said...

When is it coming out, and in what form? I have searched all over the net, and never has any one movie been kept under wraps so much about its details, lol.

Seriously though, I keep seeing "2009", but no other details. Why?