Saturday, January 13

Nuevo Year

Things are progressing nicely in the realm of Erik's writing endeavors.

"We Can Be Heroes" is slated to go into production after Kirk completes production on Five Venoms is complete. WCBH is something Kirk and I have been working on (with Rod Sokal) for some time now, currently Terrence Chang is set to produce. It will be an exciting action film in the vein of Desperado with a Hong Kong style twist.

For those of you curious about the state of "Beyond the Mat," the wrestling movie I've been working on for some time now (17 drafts later), the producers are currently aiming for a April/May start date. They're meeting with financiers continuously and are making progress every day. More as this develops.

My co-writing work on Sabina Shamdasani's feature debut, "American Bhangra", is coming along nicely as well. We just wrapped up the 24 page treatment and have moved on to the scripting phase. With any luck we'll have a working draft ready by mid Feb.

I am also developing a Sci-Fi epic with Kase Chong and Nick Sherman (potentially). The treatment is at 15 pages and growing. If Nick comes aboard, like I hope, we will be writing and hopefully finishing the script by March!

"Californio: The Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta" was recently optioned by an independent producer recently. The producer is very excited and passionate about the script and hopes to team with some big name Latino filmmakers to get it done. I wish I could say more but doing so would be premature.

"Los Coyotes", my human trafficking story/treatment, is waiting in the wings over at Treasure Entertainment. With any luck I'll be writing the script soon (and getting paid to do so).

In non-film writing news. My short comic "Everybody's Hero" was recently accepted to be included in the Low Orbit Vol. 2 anthology from Image Comics, which spotlights rising talent (Vol. 1 will be in stands Jan. 24.). As soon as I am paired with an artist we'll be getting to work and getting the story ready for inclusion in the book. There is also a very strong chance that I will have a second story published in the anthology, but that, my friends, is currently tentative.

On to producing, yes I've started this too...

I've teamed with Beyond the Mat producer Kase Chong in developing two projects which I will co-produce with him. The first is horror project set against the political climate during the fall of the Berlin wall, the second is an Action/comedy being developed with a fellow Chapman Grad. Both scripts should be ready in March.

I am also circling another project by Chapman grad. Ingrid Sundberg, which I hope to kick into pre-production later this year.

And in between it all I'm finding time for a life, hanging out with friends, discovering new places in LA, movies, family and fun.

2007 is going to be a great year, I look forward to sharing it with you all!

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