Wednesday, July 12

Sometimes you have to roll a hard six...

I finished my draft of "We Can Be Heroes" for Kirk on Thursday night/Friday morning. Apparently his agent really likes the script now and is much more confident in sending it out to people. I am too after the fiasco that was the previous draft - when you have Mexican characters speaking in Italian = not a good thing. Still, a few production companies and producers have expressed interest in the project based off of Kirk's pitch. So now the waiting game. Anxiety is kicking into over drive but I have yet to start bouncing off the walls.

Oh and if that wasn't enough The Weinstein Company has expressed interest in our previous project "Blood Bond". They requested a PDF copy of the script that they could print off and send to the higher ups. This was Friday as well, so again, a waiting game. Crossing fingers.

Plus a good friend of mine has managed to convince the producer of this TV show she script sups for to read a sample of my work, cause it just so happens that they're looking to fill a spot and need someone with quick turn around abilities. Ahem, that would be me.

I did, after all, right a completely new draft of "WCBH" in less than two weeks.

Oh oh AND... a friend of mine from Grad. school wants to shoot a feature next year, and is looking for a writer to pen her script and (gasp) she's willing to pay. I'm meeting with her today.

As a distraction I'm getting sucked in by the genius (madness) that is R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet". Also, I've been exploring some really cool L.A. eateries and bars lately, too. It's nice to finally be able to explore L.A. a little more. I'm loving the hell out of it.

I'm getting business cards, 'cause, you know I want to be all "legit" and shit.

So... I'm really, really, really in need of an agent, because if any of these deal go through (including my treatment - human trafficking script/treatment, my wrestling movie and Californio), I want to make sure I don't get in the a$$. Thus, I'm making a list, checking it twice, of all the people who I know who might have connections/referrals to agents. Working up a query letter and then sending that puppy out.

I will put as many cliche phrases and the like in this blog as I want, cause I don't want them in my scripts.

I need an agent. I need an agent. I need an agent. I will find an agent. I will find an agent. I will sign with an agent!

Oh and the Beyond the Mat webiste.

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