Sunday, January 1

It's been a while

Qucikly, a few new things on the horizon. A potential pitch meeting and paying gig, if things pan out. Beyond the Mat is moving along nicely and as long as things keep moving as they are, the film is going into production in two months.

No word on Blood Bond.

Sent Californio out to another actor, waiting to hear back.

Coyotes outline rewrite is going slow, but I'll have something new soon.

Goals: Agent, Career start, New Script, Network, Californio, Assertive

Sometimes you'll watch a movie and it'll pull just the right heart strings to get you balling like a baby. Happy New Year everyone!


oneslackmartian said...

Good luck on all that American Knight!

American Knight said...

Thanks! Best to you, too.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

"Balling" like a baby? I've seen plenty of babies bawl, but never one.. never mind. It's too sick to go there.