Monday, December 5

Murder She Wrote

Via an email from our actress/producer:

"Mark Boone Junior basically said we should get the script to Gael Garcia Bernal and attach him. He also said we should attach a director in order to legitimize the project. But, he said we're doing everything correctly by sending out letters to Hispanic-content prod. companies. Once we have talent (actor, producer, director) attached, we can solicit investors.

...He said he would take the project under his wings, but that he's trying to get a script off the ground himself. So, basically, I'd say we're at ground zero. However, the good thing is that CALIFORNIO is in his head and if anyone is looking for a Western he'll let us know. "

Still no word from Sal Lopez, I imagine we'll hear something this week.

No word on Blood Bond as Kirk is in Hong Kong at the moment.

I'm off for now as I get to work on the 8th draft of Beyond the Mat (which may start securing investors, very soon - crossing fingers).

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