Monday, June 6

Never grow old...

Life. I'm at the crossroads. I recently graduated with my MFA in something or other and I'm not quite sure what that means. I'm a master of some fine art, I think. The pressures of "what are you going to do now?" has never seemed greater or more real. To be honest, I don't know. I think that's okay though. But I do know that I want to write, be a writer. I am a writer. Right out of graduate school. And that's okay, too.

A friend and colleague recently offered me the opportunity to write an independent feature he intends to shoot in the fall. A coming of age wrestling story, about a Vietnamese teenager raised by white parents. It's got potential. I love the research part, most of the time. I'm discovering new things about "Boat people" and "Operation Baby Lift" which all seem rich for harvest. I know this is the key to making this more than your run of the mill coming of age/sports story. I want to tell a good story, plain and simple. Plus it's a (small) paying gig. So that's nice. I'll try and keep ya'll posted.

In other news, a director I used to work for has just offered me a job co-writing and shooting a film in Taiwan in August for two months. A friend (my co-writer with this director) has also been asked to come, which would be great. The director is offering to pay for travel and expenses while in Taiwan (he's possibly even going to pay my rent here for the time that I'm gone). If he can guarantee all of this, I'm as good as there.

Opportunity knocks... I just hope life doesn't get in the way.

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John Donald Carlucci said...

Good luck!